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These are the guestbook messages from 1998.

Merry Christmas from Tennessee!If you ever get to the Bristol TN/VA area, come to the oldtime jam in Blountville, every Friday from 7-11 at the Anderson log townhouse in downtown. (3 miles off I-81.
Catharine VanArsdall <>
Blountville, Tn USA - Monday, December 14, 1998 at 23:34:10 (CST)
Dear Mr.Clements: I have the privledge to call you friend and to play with you and I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed every single moment with you. Thank you for everything. Damir Zanne,steel guitar player at FLMG Studios, Nashville, TN.
Damir Zanne <FLMG@Bellsouth,NET>
Ashland City, TN USA - Sunday, December 13, 1998 at 12:17:47 (CST)
I enjoyed playing with you and John Hartford at Monk Scruggs benifit at the longhollow jamboree
matt Combs <>
Nashville, TN USA - Thursday, December 03, 1998 at 13:48:34 (CST)
Hello Vassar! I'm a fellow fiddler from way up north. I met you many years ago at a concert you did in Edmonton and I just love your approach to music. Hope to chat with you again someday. I write many fiddle tunes in different styles,and I know you would just burn on some of them. I hope to meet you again someday. Take care and Happy Fiddlin!!! Calvin Vollrath
Calvin Vollrath <>
St.Paul, AB Canada - Tuesday, December 01, 1998 at 23:49:20 (CST)
Hay Vassar... when are you coming to, San Francisco or the East Bay? We love your playing out here! Please, someone! let me know (I always miss these things)
Blaine Souza <>
El Cerrito, CA USA - Sunday, November 29, 1998 at 19:44:27 (CST)
Dear Vassar- Thank you again for apearing in Ashland, Oregon. The ssold-out show was a huge success and your music was the leading joy for all in attendance. I hope to have the chance to present you again in concert. If you are planning on doing another tribute to "Old & in the Way" again, please let me know so that i can bring you back here to Ashland. Stay well, and love to you and the boys in the "Little Big Band"
Michael Goldman <>
Ashland, OR USA - Sunday, November 22, 1998 at 20:30:31 (CST)
PSS. Rick told me to tell you and Midge that he would polish those $90.00 boots before the wedding ha ha.
Kim Sharp <>
Knoxville, , TN USA - Saturday, November 14, 1998 at 21:03:41 (CST)
Rick and I enjoyed eating supper with you, and sitting aroun listening to your new CD. I am proud to say that I was one of the first to recieve an autographed copy before it reached the stores. Your daughter is a very sweet lady. I can see why Rick thinks so highly of you. Sincerley Kim PS We hope you were serious that you would play the wedding march when Rick and I get married.
Kim Sharp <>
Knoxville, TN USA - Saturday, November 14, 1998 at 21:00:35 (CST)
I enoyed your show in Bozeman, Mt. YEARS ago and made sure I didn't miss you again. I wasn't disappointed!!
karen frank <>
Seattle, wa USA - Thursday, November 12, 1998 at 20:39:45 (CST)
Great to hear, see, and talk with you again after your show in Seattle. Can't believe you still remember playing with me down in San Francisco with the Caffrey Family et al., after 25 years. You are still the musician I admire the most. Please try to remember to send an autographed picture of you to my sons, Craig (13, fiddle player for 3 years) and Danny (guitar, 2 years). My address is 19604 12th NW, Shoreline, WA 98177. Keep up your music magic. All the best, Mark Myers
Mark Myers <>
Seattle, WA USA - Thursday, November 12, 1998 at 11:30:45 (CST)
Was at your show in Seattle last night, had a great time. Thanks, Don
Don Williamson <>
Seattle, Wa USA - Wednesday, November 11, 1998 at 18:31:16 (CST)
Vasser I'am very glad to get to communicate with you. I have spent several weeks trying to find the music, author or just find out if "Son of Hobert" was your doing. I have contacted mel-bay and they searched for info. without any findings. I'am a Bluegrass fan and I heard this piece on the Ricky Skaggs 2nd generation tape. I've listened to It many times. Now that I have found your home page and learned more about you I'am happy that I will be able to collect more of your music. It's the best.
Pamela Jean <SilksRN>
Greenwood, IN USA - Tuesday, November 10, 1998 at 21:00:33 (CST)
Yesterday at this time I heard the name Vassar Clements for the first time. A musician friend of mine called and asked me to go. Out walked this well dressed older man, southern style. Polite and sweet he played with the opening band. It appears so effortless, when he plays. I was amazed at his talent and speechless about the evening. Portland Loves Vassar.. "He was so darn cute, I could just eat him up!"
PORTLAND , OR USA - Tuesday, November 10, 1998 at 14:20:37 (CST)
Vassar, Don't know if you'll remember me. Original member of the Mission Mountain Wood Band (fiddle, mando, and guitar). David Griffith led me to your web site. Thought I'd stop by and say hello. Next time your close to Kalispell give me a ring. (406) 257-4855. Happy Trails, Christian.
Christian Johnson <>
Kalispell, MT USA - Tuesday, November 10, 1998 at 13:58:36 (CST)
South Main....outstanding!! Intimate venue and great feel. Vassar brought it to a new level. God bless you Vassar.
Jeremy Hager <>
Blacksburg, VA USA - Thursday, October 22, 1998 at 22:49:10 (CDT)
Saw you with the Blotter Boys in Charlotte, NC on 10/11/98. It was a great show, and I'm looking forward to the Blotter Boys CD.
TH <>
Greenwood , IN USA - Tuesday, October 13, 1998 at 19:53:19 (CDT)
Been a fan of yours for years ever since I saw you at Beanblossom in the late 60's. You & Sam Bush & David Grisman turned me on to Jazzy Bluegrass You are a true master in the vein of now departed Stephen Grapelli. I know you can fill his shoes. You are legendary. Thanks for the music. Your Loyal Fan Robert
Robert Hannemann <>
Gibsonton, Fl USA - Saturday, October 03, 1998 at 00:54:02 (CDT)
I'm a 14 year old that loves your music, and tries to play.
LeeAnn Ewer <>
Ladysmith, WI USA - Sunday, September 20, 1998 at 17:58:10 (CDT)
Vassar: Please let me say how sorry I am to hear of your wife passing and I can understand the pain you feel after all those years together... Just remember one thing that will change the way you feel and that is time.Time is the only real cure for your pain. Nothing else will change things. Remember that all your fans stick by your with any support you need.and may god bless you vassar. Brian
Brian L Miller <>
Muncie, IN USA - Sunday, August 30, 1998 at 16:52:40 (CDT)
Vassar: I like your fiddle style it's alot like I play come to MUNCIE,INDIANA and play here Emens autotorium would be a great place hope to see you soon. Brian L Miller Muncie,Indiana
Brian L Miller <>
Muncie, IN USA - Sunday, August 30, 1998 at 16:36:56 (CDT)
I'm so sorry for you great loss. My husband, Allison & myself, were fortunate enough to meet you & Millie at your training seminar in Athens, Alabama a couple of years ago this fall. I'll never forget here story telling & wonderful smiles. Her joy of life reached out to those around her. We just learned of your loss & ours hearts go out to you. Our thoughts are with you. Allison & Victoria Maxwell
Victoria Maxwell <>
USA - Wednesday, August 19, 1998 at 08:04:04 (CDT)
Vassar -- I had the pleasure of meeting you thru a mutual good friend, vinny Lorenzo/Stir Fried. What a great set you and the boys performed at Mexacali Blues...Waht a thrill to see a living legend peform. Hope to see you soon w/Stir Fried and I can't wait for the live CD.... God bless!!!
Gary Frangione <>
spring lake hts, nj USA - Monday, August 17, 1998 at 01:04:05 (CDT)
My friends and I had a great time dancing with you down on the Suwannee last Spring (you were dancing too, not playing). Both of my kids (ages 10 and 7) pay violin. We will be in Nashville the first week of November (eating at my sister's restaurant, the Melting Pot, in downtown). Is it possible for my kids to get a lesson or two while we are in town? They take their violins everywhere. In any event, see you on the Suwannee this fall. Your friend, Jeff
Jeff Dollinger <>
Gainesville, FL USA - Tuesday, August 04, 1998 at 20:57:59 (CDT)
Wow Vassar, I had no idea that you were on the internet. This is pretty cool info. We need to post info about your project with the ACME Jazz Movers. I'm sure your fans would be interested in all your current projects. Sincerely, Lee Owen, Guitar-ACME Jazz Movers
Lee Owen <>
Nashville, TN USA - Thursday, July 30, 1998 at 14:12:34 (CDT)
Vassar - you have inspired me so much. Thank you for your great talent!
Blacksburg, VA USA - Wednesday, July 29, 1998 at 14:32:56 (CDT)
Vassar--I have been a fan of your music since college when I picked up copies of "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" and "Aero-Plane" and had all my ideas of what bluegrass music was blown totally into the stratosphere by your fiddle playing. I remember seeing you at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff AZ some 20 years ago (opening for a rather chemically-altered Jerry Jeff Walker), and meeting you a year later when I happened to eat breakfast at the Holiday Inn where you were staying after a gig at a local bar. I still have your autograph on a Holiday Inn napkin, tucked away in one of your albums. I hope you keep playing for many years to come, and look forward to seeing you in the Phoenix area sometime.
Tom Tuerff <>
Phoenix, AZ USA - Monday, July 27, 1998 at 11:08:50 (CDT)
My son, who is in college, got a copy of the Old and In The Way album and when i heard it, i was floored. I have always liked bluegrass, but this album was on a level of it's own. Your fiddle work is the best i have ever heard, hands down. I can't imagine a talent to match yours coming along again for a long time to come, if ever.
Rick Phipps <>
East Alton, Il. USA - Thursday, July 09, 1998 at 03:01:36 (CDT)
You are still my mane inspiration on the fiddle. Thanks for being nice enough for taking time to show me a few licks back stage at the old Opry back in 1973.I was 14 then and remember it like it was yesterday.
David Blackmon <>
Athens, GA USA - Thursday, June 11, 1998 at 13:29:46 (CDT)
Love you!!
kathy chiavola <>
nashville, tn USA - Wednesday, June 10, 1998 at 00:26:30 (CDT)
I had the privilege of hearing you play in a bluegrass club in Nashville back in '82. You autographed the napkins of some young women who were with us. I was the "old man" among our bunch back then (30) - heh, heh - but as a lover of bluegrass, I suggested to the college youngsters with me that we hear some bluegrass ... we were all spellbound. Now, at 46, this is one of my fond memories. Thank-you, Mr Clements.
Curt Vaughan <>
Austin, TX USA - Sunday, June 07, 1998 at 22:56:53 (CDT)
WTG Vassar, you've always been one of my favorites.
Nick <>
Okla City, OK USA - Wednesday, June 03, 1998 at 13:30:35 (CDT)
Hi Vassar, 5-25-98 Great to see your Web-Site,and to see you this weekend up at White Springs at The Florida Folk Fester. I told Leon what you said, and he really Laughed. I will never forget the Dickey Betts Tour we were a part of.All the great late night Jams and the 30 or so Big Citys we traveled to in a short time. Your music has always been the Best and we all wish you the best.Keep up the good work, and Music and look forward to seeing you at Telluride,Co. next month. Tony says hello.. Leon says hi. and Hello to Millie also.. I don't know if you ever got a copy of The "Time Machine" project you played on . If not let me know and I'll send one to you Take Care, Larry Rice
Larry Rice <>
Crystal River, Fl USA - Sunday, May 24, 1998 at 20:15:33 (CDT)
Hi V-C! Back in my travelin' days in the late 70's my path interstected yours a few times. I had the great pleasure of hearing you in Evergreen, Co, Carbondale, IL, and Bellingham, WA (I sat in the room with you up the stairs from the tavern between shows). But that was the last I'd seen or heard of you until I just found a CD of yours, and it's great to hear the sound. Also found your site. Thanks. By the way - when are you coming to Las Vegas - ever? Didn't see Vegas fans in your guestbook. It'd be great. Settling down in one spot sure has it's disadvantages. I have a fiddle, but it's lost somewhere in the mountains above Palm Springs. Take care!
Las Vegas, NV USA - Monday, May 18, 1998 at 00:29:48 (CDT)
Vassar- I had a great time pickin' with yu in Shelbyville over the weekend. When can we do it again? Steve K.
Steve Kaufman <>
Maryville, TN USA - Sunday, May 17, 1998 at 16:01:17 (CDT)
after listening and being amazed by all the new plyers, you're still the man
jimmy ross <>
austell, ga USA - Wednesday, May 06, 1998 at 09:01:32 (CDT)
Wonderful Page...wonderful talent...what's else to say!!!
John Cowan Website <>
Nashville, TN USA - Sunday, April 26, 1998 at 19:05:32 (CDT)
Wonderful Page...wonderful talent...what's else to say!!!
Karen <>
Nashville, TN USA - Sunday, April 26, 1998 at 19:04:45 (CDT)
Happy Birthday Vassar! Shari and myself want to wish you a happy birthday and we do know how young you are...we won't tell anybody... Enjoy your big day and keep on fiddlin'! Love Gary and Shari Hamlin
Gary and Shari Hamlin <>
Antioch, Tn USA - Saturday, April 25, 1998 at 12:54:30 (CDT)
Happy Birthday, Vassar! Sorry to have missed the Fla. Folk Festival, but was touring, as usual. Hope to hear from you and Millie soon. Sheri
Sheri Margrave <>
Orlando, FL USA - Saturday, April 25, 1998 at 11:00:20 (CDT)
Hey Vassar, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Have a great day. Thanks for your gift to us - all of the wonderful music you've given through the years! My prayers are with you, Darrell
Darrell Sanford <>
Purvis, MS USA - Saturday, April 25, 1998 at 10:42:09 (CDT)
Glenn, Ruth & Sandy Pritchett <>
Staunton, VA USA - Tuesday, April 14, 1998 at 18:14:13 (CDT)
Keep on Fiddlin'
Bill Reinhard <>
Newark, DE USA - Wednesday, April 01, 1998 at 09:08:09 (CST)
Vassar & Millie - we are sending our love the high-tech way. Us cherry farmers up here in Canada miss the man and his music. It has been way too long. We hope the Easter Bunny is good to both of you. Love Gary, Susan, and Micah
Susan Snow <>
Creston, BC Canada - Sunday, March 29, 1998 at 20:59:51 (CST)
Wanted to thank you for a great pair of shows with Stirfried in Philadelphia on valentines day. It's been awhile since I had seen you live. Hope some of your plans include going out with these kids again. Thanks for many years of great music, annd good luck with whatever you do!
Will Haegele <>
Southampton, Pa USA - Sunday, March 29, 1998 at 18:28:17 (CST)
VALDOSTA, GA USA - Wednesday, March 25, 1998 at 15:58:06 (CST)
Vassar, you were always a legend to me until this summer. We caught the reunion show at the Targhee Festival. Who would have guessed we would be lucky enough to have a room right next to the rehearsal room. Listening to you and the boys warm-up was one of the highlights of my life. You, David, Peter and Herb seemed like old friends when we were able to talk to you. Thank you for bringing tears of joy to my eyes and ears from your wonderful performance.
Ryan Crook <>
Salt Lake City, UT USA - Saturday, March 21, 1998 at 02:05:43 (CST)
I first heard you on Bett's "Highway Call". After wearing out two albums I finally bought the CD, and I just might wear it out.Thanks for the music.
Greg Griffin
Lakeland, fl USA - Tuesday, March 17, 1998 at 20:01:00 (CST)
Dear Vassar, Let me just say that you have been a great source of musical inspiration and a very important part of my life for the last 25 years.You are an amazing stylistist on your instrument and we are very thankful that you are sharing your God-given talent with us. Keep up the wonderful work Sincerely Jan Johansson
Jan Johansson <>
Cary, nc USA - Tuesday, March 10, 1998 at 22:26:39 (CST)
Have a wonderful Easter 1998 Season. Best wishes for you and your dearest
Tadeusz Ruszczykowski <>
Warsaw, POLAND - Monday, March 09, 1998 at 10:22:43 (CST)
Dear Millie & Vassar.....Hope all is well. We all miss you very much. Have a wonderful Easter Season. Love & Peace from The Garden State!
Vincent Lorenzo <>
Park Ridge, nj USA - Tuesday, March 03, 1998 at 19:30:47 (CST)
Howdy Vassar , Just talked to Millie and was wondering what you were up to . Catch you later or I am in the phone book. William
William L. Alsobrook <>
Nashville , tn USA -
Hello Vassar, I'd just like to give you a compliments about being one of the greatest fiddlers alive. I am a 15 year old banjo player and I have a few of your albums. I really like the album you did with John Hartford and Dave Holland. Thanks for being such a great inspiration to everyone.
James Fraser <>
Woodstock, ON Canada -
There are more great fiddlers in the world now than there ever has been, but no one will ever equal you for musicality and uniqueness. A musical contribution that goes well beyond the notes...
Paul "Slim" Norris <>
Alden, NY USA -
The Jefferson Theater show with Magraw Gap was great, had a wonderful time. What a pleasure to see you perform with them again(saw the Prism show too) and hope to see the third one ever sooner!!
Leslie Wallace <>
Lexington, VA USA -
GREAT show with Stir Fried, Cody and Buddy at Mexicali Blues! Thanks to all for the GREAT shots! Can't wait till the Brooklyn show on the 15th!
Rita Weigand <>
Looking forward to Suwannee Spring Fest in March - It'll be great to see Vassar's jazz band!
Christian & Laura <>
Dunedin, FL USA -
I saw you years ago at bluegrass festivals but the best show I ever had the pleasure of attending was in '75 or so at Blacksburg, VA in a now defunct little bar where you played for hours while a snow storm howled outside. You won me over that night and I hope you will again at the Birchmere this week. I met Buddy Cage and the Stir Fried crew in NYC and they have graced the Va Beach/Norfolk, VA area lately for some great shows, so now I know how and why you hooked with them! Have a safe trip to the Birchmere and hope to see you there. P.S. I thought Jim Jervis's note hit the nail on the head! Your pal, Warren B.
Warren N. Brownley <>
Va Beach, VA USA -
Millie & Vassar... On behalf of the entire Stir Fried Band...I'd like to say "Thanks"...We all had a wonderful time tonite @ Mexicali Blues Cafe..Looking forward to the week ahead with Vassar...We Love Millie!!!!!!!!! Many Thanks & Much Peace from the Garden State.
vince lorenzo <>
park ridge, nj USA -
Hey Vassar & Millie - I was just cruising around and found your website. I have been in the studio for the last week, and my engineer insists on working all night long, so needless to say, I am exhausted after several days of around the clock recording and mixing. I look forward to your hearing this stuff. I hope we'll be swingin' soon as I really need to get out there and get the chops working again. I'm honored that you're having me work with your new project, and believe you me, I'm ready!! Talk with you soon, Love, Gail
Gail Bliss <>
Nashville, TN USA -
Its been a long time since I've seen you. I was just a small kid at the time (I think). Anyway I always told my dad (Jerry Carelock) that if you were ever around central Florida to tell me because I wanred to see you play, and of course he forgot; twice. The one story I always seem to get reminded of by my dad is the time we were at grandad's and you were there and dad had to follow me around the house because I was walking around with your fiddle (must have been a scary thing). Well, I just wanted you to know that since I've grown up I love to listen to your music. It seems to remind me of family reunions when I was little. Take care and I hope to see you soon if I can get home and my dad actually remembers to tell me you are going to be in the area.
Chris Carelock <>
Minot , ND USA -
Thanks a bunch Millie. All the best to Vassar... I sincerely hope we can snag that date in July. Bill Storms
Bill Storms <>
Eugene, OR USA -
Hey now, Vassar! Long time no see! It's Michelle McFee (I work for David Nelson). But you might remember me and my friend, Lyn, from our days tooling around the country with the Earl Scruggs Revue. (We were friends of Randy and Jody). Anyway, hope things are going well. David really enjoyed the show at Snow Crest. Perhaps you guys can do another one real soon. MM
Michelle McFee <>
Kentfield, CA USA -
Hello there, I am a luthier from pennsylvania and a greaqt fan of your music. Send me an e-mail to le tme know if you will be playin' in the area any time soon; I would be honored to show you my instruments. Also, do you know of any good real-time bluegrass internet radio stations??? Hope to hear from you... happy day!
Andrew Weaver <>
York, Pa USA -
Hi Millie & Vassar....Hope your Holiday Season was a good one....Vassar, we do hope your feeling better. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Much Peace & Love from New Jersey.....
Vincent Lorenzo/ Stir Fried <>
park ridge, nj USA -
Dear Vassar, I own a violin that apears to be almost identical to yours. It was made by a man named Derazey. On the back is a "picture" of a castle, and an eng- raving of one of the three musketeer's top port- ion with the caption "Dartagnan." The sides are lined with a latin inscription "Diva fui ivi sylvis deo vi mort va dulce" give or take a few letter alterations on different words.
Dianne Nichols <(I'm using my sister-in-law's computer)>
St. Louis, MO USA -
I'm writing this on a freind's computer. Coming to nashville and hope to see you in person. Jim Unger
Jim Unger, Sr. <{c/o}>
Martinsburg, WWwv USA -
Dear Vassar, Thank you for this oppurtunity to express my gratitude to you for the pleasure you bring so many people. As I sit here enjoying the latest "Old and In the Way" release "Breakdown", I feel so fortunate to have been able to see you perform twice this past year: once at the Strawberry Music Festival, then, a week later, at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA. WOW! I'm glad that my children were at Strawberry to see you. I took my eldest daughter to the front to get a close look and tried to explain who you are. In the CD insert, you talk about what makes the music so unique. Well, it certainly is. I think of this a lot. The music has been a great inspiration for me personally. I grew up in North Georgia and was exposed to Bluegrass as a kid. But that was before I realized that Bluegrass is cool! I got away from it for twenty years while life went on. It was until a special friend gave me a copy of the first "Old and In the Way" release as a present. I think since Jerry's passing away many of us have been looking for direction. For me, this direction has been back to roots. My wife gave me a Banjo last Christmas which I am enjoying learning. Back to what make the music so special to me. I believe you hit the nail on the head when you say that Garcia loved Bluegrass way back then too. Well, that's it, as you all did. This love of the music comes through. Not to say that other Bluegrass musicians don't have love for the music. True that all you came from different backgrounds, and came together to create this. What are the odds, really? Fate? Probably. Whatever it is, I'm glad! Coming from different backgrounds as you did gives the music strength as it brings with it a host of fans also from different backgrounds. All with one important thing in common: Love for this music. To see this in action is truly miraculous. Thanks again for the great pleasure and inspiration that I carry with me and try to share with others as it has been with me. I look forward to seeing you in '98. Sincerely, Jim Jervis
Jim Jervis <>
Cupertino, CA USA -
Vassar - I always have been a dedicated fan through the years. You have been an influence on my playing in all facets of fiddling. Although I read once that Hillbilly Jazz was not your favorite work, to me it will always be milestone in swing music. I caught your show only once, in Nevada City, California, and thank you for playing there.
Ronnie <>
sacramento, ca USA -
Dear Vassar Merry Christmas from Koji Kihara! May you have a most Blessed, Happy and Healthy New Year! Koji Kihara JAPAN
Koji Kihara <>
Fukuyama, JAPAN -
Thanks for so much enjoyment. It is not your incredable talent with your instriment, but your passion for incredable sound and melody that provides us with so much pleasure.
Bill Beck
Thanks for so much enjoyment. It is not your incredable talent with your instriment, but your passion for incredable sound and melody that provides us with so much pleasure.
Bill Beck
Mr. Clements: I had the privledge to see you perform with Old & In The Way at Rockygrass '97. It was my first time seeing you play, but I hope not the last. "Uncle Pen" was, I believe, the perfect encore, performed by an incredibly steller group of musicians. Thanks again.
Bill Kubilius
Sandy, UT USA -
Hey Vassar. My GA buddies Trent and Jimmy just got back from N'ville where they got Randy Howard to put down some fiddle. They told me Randy called you and that the two of you let it eat on Saints! I can't wait to hear it. One of my favorite things you ever did was the back up on Honky Tonkin' on the Circle album. But that was on guitar! and I'll bet not many people know it. Best Wishes, Brant Beene (mandolin) Birmingham,AL
Brant Beene <>
Birmingham, AL USA -
VASSAR, you are the man! I play mostly Irish fiddle now, but your soulfull playin transforms any style.Much love and best wishes for your 50th, T.D.
I've loved Vassar's Playing for 20 years. I play stumble and Lonesome fiddle Blues. I've seen Vassar 3 times in Edmonton - most recently at the Edmonton Folk festival.
Jay Kuchinsky <>
Edmonton, AB Canada -
Believe it? I just bought 2 different "Old and In The Way" CDs, I heard of you before but this is the first time I listened; you're a joy to hear. Play down my way sometime and I guarantee I'll be there!
Randy Genthe <>
Kingwood, TX USA -
Hi Vassar & Millie! A super website, great to have ya on our links. Let's work those southern dates, man, it's gettin' cold up here! With deepest admiration & respect, peace & love. [Hope you're feeling better, Darlin'!] Buddy
Buddy Cage <>
Norwich, CT USA -
just want to thank you for the pleasure your music has given me for the past quarter of a century!.......c. ivey
chris ivey
sac, ca USA -
What can you say about the greatest fiddler & one of the nicest guys ever to grace our planet? I was hooked from the very first note I heard. It stirred my imagination and fueled the fire to a roaring inferno. My grandfather, who was a cajun fiddler, once said to me, "He's de only fiddler what I ever heard dat made me cry from my soul." I'm proud to call him my friend.
Sheri Margrave <>
Daytona Beach, FL USA -
I just got back from the reunion in Live Oak, FL. It was a real treat and I look foward to seeing you soon!
Joseph Randall <>
Godfrey, IL USA -
It was joy to see you perform this summer at the 25th annual Rockygrass. After enjoying Bluegrass for years, myself and several friends decided to become participants in bluegrass and not just spectators. I've been playing bluegrass fiddle(or trying to) for the past two and a half years. My friends and I jam for fun once a week and this summer started playing out in front of an audience. It's all for fun and friendship. We recently found a free homepage and put down some notes on ourselves. Your name is under my section with a link to your site, hope that's okay with you Mr. Clements. Next time you're in Lyons, stop by for a cold beverage and a bite to eat. Happy trails, Barry.
Barry MacLaughlin <>
Lyons, CO USA -
After listening to music for long years and deriving great pleasure from it on varous forms of media, it was an immense thrill to be present at an O&ITW performance in Live Oak FL. Normally, when one meets an artist at a post show autograph/sales session, the artist is polite and casually hurried. Imagine my surprise when Mr. Clement took the time to offer his hand, chat for a few minutes and display a smile that showed no preoccupations. He seemed to be at that minute primarly concerned with listening to me gush pleasure and approval. It is delightful to find old-school artists still in existance. Thanks for the performance. Gloria and I are still dancing. Hope to see much more of you very soon!
Stev Lenon <>
Palmetto, FL USA -
We would like to see you here in Norway soon. I loved Hillbilly Jazz ever since that double Flying Fish album came out in the 70`s. Have you ever heard Norwegian fiddleplayers play 8 string hardangerfiddles ? That`s something man! Get intouch.
Arne Rosland <>
Dalen, Norway -
Please come back and perform in the Ithaca NY area again.
John Vaughan <>
Cortland, ny USA -
We recently saw Vassar perform at the Rockygrass Blulegrass festival and wow, what an incredible show! Please come back soon. Thanks Vassar.
Colorado Springs, CO USA -
Vassar is lord of all fiddlers! I look forward to seeing him at the old and in the way reunions in Tn. We love Vassar here in North Carolina!
Jason O'Dill <>
Apex, Nc USA -
Web designer's favorite - VPCD7, Live In Telluride, 1979. Very jam-oriented.
Laura Marks <>
Dunedin, FL USA -