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Saturday Night Shuffle
A Celebration of Merle Travis
A Man and His Music


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The Songs
  1. There Ain't A Cow In Texas
  2. Me And The Dog Gone Blues
  3. Guitar Rag
  4. Sweet Temptation
  5. Sixteen Tons
  6. Saturday Night Shuffle
  7. Knee Deep In Trouble
  8. I Am A Pilgrim
  9. Cannon Ball Rag
  10. Travis Medley: Divorce Me C.O.D./So Round So Firm/Fat Gal
  11. Bayou Baby
  12. Kinfolks In Carolina
  13. Walking The Strings
  14. That's All
  15. Too Much Sugar For A Dime
  16. Nine Pound Hammer
  17. Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette)
  18. Childhood Memories
  19. Dark As A Dungeon
Download Player
Download Player

Featured Players
  • Vassar Clements - fiddle
  • Thom Bresh - guitar
  • Louis Harless - bass
  • Kenny Malone - drums
  • Bob Hoban - piano
  • Stephen Davidowski - saxophone
  • Buddy Emmons - steel guitar
  • Mike Cass - steel guitar
Guest Players
  • Mark O'Conner
  • Sam Bush
  • Jerry Douglas
  • Marty Stuart
  • Marcel Dadi
  • Grandpa Jones
  • Lane Brody
  • John Hartford
  • Chet Atkins
  • Josh Graves

Country Music Hall of Fame member, Merle Travis, was a giant figure in American music. He was one of the most respected and influential guitar players of our time, a writer of countless hit songs and a consummate performing artist with a distinguished recording career. On this album many of Merle's old friends and musical partners have come together to celebrate his legacy.

All cuts written by MERLE TRAVIS BMI/Warner Chappel Music Inc. except "Childhood Memories" written by THOM BRESH (Merle's son) BMI/Great American Music Emporium Game.

Concept & Coordinator: Millie Clements
Producer : Vassar Clements, Vassillie Productions for Shanachie Entertainment

All guitars except Chet Atkins' were Merle's guitars. Tom Bresh, Merle's son, owns the guitars.