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Many fans have inquired as to the history of Vassar's fiddle. After months of research there still remains a mystery as to some facts pertaining to the builder of the violin and it's age. Several reliable sources speculate the instrument was built by the famous violinmaker, Gaspar Duiffoprugcar in mid to late 1500s. At this point, we feel reasonably certain that it was built by Duiffoprugcar or is an excellent copy of the original. Vassar's fiddle is believed to be three hundred or more years old however, this cannot be proved beyond a shadow of doubt. We feel assured the fiddle was built prior to the 17th century. The carvings and other markings on Vassar's fiddle closely resemble a fiddle once owned by Prince Youssoupov, a distinguished Russian amatuer violinist. The description of the Prince's fiddle, taken from the Universal Dictionary of Fiddles, details a carving of the sculptured head of a 50 year old Duiffoprugcar with a thick mustache and beard, deep set eyes, slightly aquiline nose, wrinkled forehead, and frill or collar worn during the period, in lieu of the standard scroll. The triangular corners decorated by double-purfling inlays resemble a leaf. Each of the fiddles built by Duiffoprugcar displayed magnificent art work on the back, and Vassar's fiddle is no exception. The back has a beautiful painting of Sappho holding a lute. Both sides of the fiddle contains lettering which remains a mystery, but research is still underway. As we learn more about the history of Vassar's fiddle the details will be added.

To make a long story short, the fiddle has been handed down through the hands of numerous musical legends. In the early 70s Vassar was working with John Hartford who acquired the fiddle and let Vassar use it. At a later time John called Vassar and gave him the fiddle as a Christmas gift. Vassar cherishes the fiddle and when his fingers and bow touch the strings, the sound heard is like none other. The fusion of Vassar and this fine instrument have entertained fans around the globe.

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