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Millie Clements is the other half of Vassillie (Vassar and Millie), which is engraved in Mother of Pearl on the neck of Vassar's fiddle. As Vassar's wife and business manager, Millie has touched and influenced and inspired Vassar's music more than anyone else. After an unexpected illness, Millie joined God in July of 1998. This page serves as a memorial to her by those that loved her most.

Millie Clements
09/02/29 - 07/12/98

Vassar and Millie Clements

Visit the heart photo galleries to share some private moments with Vassar and Millie.

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MOM even though you are here in spirit, still giving me guidance when I need it. I am so very proud to be your daughter & to have had you for 46 years of my life & you as my MOM. I feel so incredibly thankful for the never ending love I have for you, along with my gratitude, respect & most of all, my heartfelt thanks for the person, I'm proud to be & know that you are responsible for that in so many ways.

Millie's daughter Midge with PAPA Vassar and husband George. January 2000 in Bartlett, TN

I love you so very much, and since childhood I've admired so many of your qualities. The strength & determination of your character, wisdom, values, courage & sense of direction as well as your energy, intelligence & endurance. Thank you for teaching me to stop, think & make wise choices. Also, the many times you let me know how proud you were of me. I shall forever be proud of that. I intend on not ever letting you down. Your pride in me, is & will always be one of my most valued treasures. I've always respected your judgement & you've always given me a sense of security & self worth. I'm so very grateful MOM, that I was fortunate to be so much like you. That to me, is such a great & wonderful compliment. We had such a wonderful & close relationship. That bond will never be broken! For that, I shall also be grateful. You are with me on a daily basis & your presence is always felt.

MOM, I know that behind your words of wisdom, encouragement & understanding, I will continue to have emotions & thanks to GOD that I hold deep in my heart whenever I'm lonely or sad for you. For I know there will be no more laughs between us, no phone calls, no hugs, or just being able to sit down next to you or even saying "MOM, I love you". I only have my past memories of saying & doing all of these things. Also, I will continue to reflect on so many memories from childhood until that Sunday morning on July 12, 1998. A part of my heart died & was left empty, when you went quietly to sleep, never to awaken. The comfort I have, is knowing that I've always let you know what an important impact you've had on my life. I can remember as a very small child always saying " I can't wait to grow up, so I can drink black coffee, wear high heels & wear lipstick like my MAMA". Well, we both know I do all three. I'm thankful for expressing to you how important & how much I deeply love you. I will always thank GOD for you being there when I started out my life & me, for having the priviledge of being with you during the hospital stays, doctor appointments, scans & chemo treatments as well as help take care of you at the end of your life. For I would not have wanted it, any other way.

I am filled with more love, gratitude & devotion for you than any words could possibly say. You know I will love, cherish & appreciate you forever!!! Thank you, for being my "MOM & MY HERO".